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Campus Renovations

Verde Studio worked with Alta Architects to breathe new life into the Main Campus Building, originally designed in 1972. The role of the campus has changed from that of a monolithic High School to a multi-campus facility serving a varied student community under several different principals. The need was to create new common areas for all educational units on site and update the classrooms to 21st Century technology, with new science labs and maker spaces. The late Mid-Century concrete design was solid and honest, but the infrastructure had grown tired and finishes had reached the end of their useful life.


The old kitchen was gutted and new state of the art serving lines will feed the student body. Surrounding the Common space on two levels are new classrooms, including new science labs and maker space, with interactive flat panel teaching technology.  

The building’s central HVAC system was completely replaced along with the electrical and plumbing infrastructure.

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